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Generic Cialis is a treatment for Erectile dysfunction. Cialis work after first taking the drug,. 30-60 minutes. In some cases, can reach up to 2 hours. Cialis is a drug that is a leader in the World for treatment. Erection is restored after the first taking a medication. If to speak a simple language , Cialis is an improved version of the drug Viagra.


What is better Viagra or Cialis?

Viagra was created much earlier. And enjoyed for a long time as the best means. But having found a number of shortcomings, created a more superior drug. It Is The Cialis.

What are the pros and cons of Viagra and Cialis. Which is better?

a) Viagra and Cialis operate simultaneously. 30-60 minutes. In some cases, can reach up to 90 minutes.

b) the time factor. Cialis is the so-called temporary drug. It's often used for 1-2 intercourse. So how it works about 3-4 hours. Cialis works differently, due to the fact that substance Tadalafil dissolves long in the body then it is 7 times longer. Cialis can work for 36 hours, was noticed and such moments, when the medication was working up to 48 hours.

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Cialis online

Side effects. What is better Viagra or Cialis?

In order to understand the answer to this question, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of these drugs. After all, they have different formulas, different ingredients, and at least strive for the same result, but the principle of to each his unique. Viagra works by strengthening the blood pressure and therefore heart and often increasing blood pressure. Cialis is not working due to active work of the heart and pressure, and due to nitric oxide, which helps to soften the soft walls of the penis and blood flow into it. It is from this and their side effects.

Viagra has many side effects. Cialis has few side effects.

Viagra dangerous for the elderly, and people who suffer from heart problems, as it can cause strain on the body. Viagra should be taken under medical supervision. Cialis is lighter and works in a different way, this can be taken alone.

What are the side effects of Cialis? In rare cases it can be a small headache, nasal congestion, or redness of the cheeks. 3% is the lower back pain. But in General, usually goes away without side effects.

Information about generic Cialis online:

Cialis has been proven not only by the world community as a successful drug, but well-known and licensed company to the FDA, which is in the United States at the state level. And actively monitors all drugs. This organization gives approval for the sale of drugs in the country. Strictly checking the medication, side effects, licensing and formula. This quality Cialis is very high in contrast to other competitors. In 2001-2002, there were known meeting of the world conference of urologists. Which will debut new drugs, new treatments and new technologies in medicine. Cialis has successfully passed the presentation and intrigued hundreds of scientists his methods work. in 2002-2003 the company has already FDA confirmed the success of the drug and allowed to release to the world market.


How effective is Cialis it is possible to argue not only from the description and the vaunted advertising. It is known that any product or drug has the effect of sale if it helps people. If it does not help, I would not be leading remedy. Though the Viagra company spends ten times more money on advertising on television, in Newspapers and magazines, but Cialis sold in times more. And all by the fact that he established himself as a successful drug. Which works, quickly and effectively treat with minimal side effects

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Official Cialis helps online | Cialis dosage and ED treatment
E.D. Help Online | All about Cialis
Canadian Cialis online | $1.14